June 20, 2007

Her Food Blog is well known here , in Israel.Haalo is from Melbourne, Australia and she's the owner of the Blog: "Cook(almost)anything at least once"; I like her Blog's name.. I love her Blog too;I think she's a talented photographer as well.
It happens from time to time.. when I'm looking for something (a new recipe..) in google (this time for Aldeburgh Cookery School's thin ginger cookies from Dagmar's post - I didn't find the recipe yet)and then I came across another thing.. I've found Haalo's jam spiral cookies and in the same month archive these : sesame topped currant muffins, SO I jumped to my kitchen and in a few minutes the muffins mixture was ready ;-). They are really very large muffins,bread like texture and one of them was a supper for me.. ; I baked them for 30 minutes, here is the recipe, and thanks to Haalo !
Sesame-topped Currant Muffins מאפינס צימוקים בציפוי שומשום
[Makes 6 large Muffins]
320 grams plain flour
55 grams caster sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon ground ginger
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
100 grams currants (you can replace this with any dried fruit)
1 egg
250ml/1 cup milk
80 grams melted butter
2 tablespoons sesame seeds2 tablespoons soft brown sugarMake the topping:Add the sesame seeds and brown sugar to a small bowl and stir until well combined.full recipe

By that way.. I came across 2 more sites:
* Mark's Assorted Recipes , as written in the Recipe link site: .."Mark Scheffler was nice enough to share this great recipe file with us!" -So here is his
the 98 recipe file - enjoy !
* They hold over 13 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 57 million patents..and much more .come and start exploring the British Library .
I'll be here soon with more things , just for you.thank you for visiting me here ;-)
פורומי אוכל בארץ, מה כדאי לתקן
חוסר בנימוס בסיסי, כמו בחיים האמיתיים, ככה בפורום אוכל או פורום אחר- קיבלת מענה או תגובה למה ששאלת? הרי מישהו טרח לענות /לחפש/לברר בשבילך את הטוב ביותר - תגיד תודה לפני שאתה נעלם.אתה זקוק לאינפורמציה תבקש.גם בלי המוני סימני שאלה או קריאה.נקודה למחשבה


Nicole said...

Wow, these look really great and sesame seeds to top off a muffin is something new to me....I will have veganize these because I can't eat eggs or dairy anymore - but what a great find!

Katerina ante portas said...

My dear Chanit, what a lovely recipe! You could participate to Muffin monday round up 4 event!

Vcuisine said...

They are great Chanit. Looks yummy. Viji

chanit said...

nicole , thank you !
I add seasmae seeds were ever I can..but I prefer salty dishes more than sweets with these seeds.. :-)

chanit said...

katerina !
Thanks for letting me know about the muffin event ! :-)
Thanks for visiting .

chanit said...

Thank you viji ! :-)

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