June 9, 2007

La Fouace Bread

My next new Bread is french : La Fouace Bread - and I think it's perfect! -nutty and salty,where is your butter ?.. ; No I'm not tired of baking breads at home, in this way I can travel all around the world, from my realy small kitchen .. ; It's amazing to get a new taste, fine (and soft) texture, different color , a great smell.. every time again.I'm not sure my Fouace is shaped traditionally , so please, you can correct me, I will be thankful for that :-). ; The La Fouace de laguiole site writtes .."La Fouace is a very old traditional cake that came out of the region of Rouergue (presently the department of Aveyron in the south of France)..."; in the wikipedia with Google Translation Text help I'm reading .." The fouace / fouasse, is a pastry making, originating in Rouergue. In the beginning, it was about a wafer of wheat flower not raised which was cooked under ash... . Today, its preparation is composed of flour, leaven, butter, eggs, milk, sugar, water of flower of orange tree, salt.." ; SO is it a cake ? anyway.. only salted butter is needed now ,oh I love this Bread !! ;-)
La Fouace7 gr dry active yeast (=2 ts)
1/3 cup lukewarm water
4 1/2 cups AP white flour (=630 gr)
2 ts salt
1 1/2 cups lukewarm milk
3/4 cup walnuts
100 gr butter, softened
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
Make 1 large loaf

H O WMix the yeast into the water and allow to soften.measure the flour into a large mixer bowl (or a large bowl if you mix it by hand), add the salt.
make a well in the center, place the softened yeast into the well ,add the milk; stir the dough thoroughly.
chop the walnuts coarsely,blend the walnuts and softened butter into the dough, knead for few minutes.
knead in the whole wheat flouras is necessary for the dough to hold its shape.place the diugh in a large bowl,alow to rise until doubles in size -about 2 hours.punch down, knead for 5 minutes; shape into a ball and place on a baking sheet, lightly sprinkled with coarse cornmeal.
press the dough down slightly to form a rounded loaf; cove and allow it to rise for 20 minutes.make a shallow slash in the top of the bread .
place the baking sheet on the middle shelf of an oven preheated to 425F (=220c),fill a small pan with hot water and set it on the bottom of the oven.bake the bread for 30 minutes at 425F (220c);
remove the hot water, reduce the oven temp. to 300F (150c) and bake 30 minutes longer.cool on a wire rack.

above the perfect loaf, after 1 hour in the oven ..

the dough ,1 1/2 hours later
adding soft butter and nuts
מתכוני מפגש פורום אוכל ווינט שנת 2002-קובץ וורד הכולל עשרות מתכונים- לא ניסיתי אף אחד בבית- לשימושכם
קובץ מוסיקה:שארל אזנבור שר את היידשע מאמא - מומלץ
ארבעת הנרות - מצגת עם סיפור,מתוך קומונת יוצאי רומניה, הנה מטעמים נוספים מ הקהילה שבניצוחו של יצחק סגל
מעדנים רומניים בעברית, ומתוקים וגם כל היתר..רומניים ברומנית- מעורר תאבון
הילה שפר, כותבת בוואלה על
עושים גבינות בבית,כולל חומרים, כלים טיפים ומידע להכנת גבינה בבית- לא נוסה על ידי, לעיונכם


Ubergeek said...

Oh! I'm so excited you posted a new bread recipe! I can't wait to try. I need something to keep me from studying for finals, anyway.

By the way, I recently discovered the "Za'atar Flatbread" recipe, and found the dough has many more uses than just with za'atar; it goes well as pizza dough, for dipping into olive oil, with tomatoes and basil....Absolutely delicious, no matter what you do with it.

bakinghistory said...

this bread also looks wonderful like all of yours. I'll try it soon! :-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your bread looks delicious! It must be gorgeous with hummus or baba ganoush...

chanit said...

ubergeek hi !! שלום
מה נשמע ?
אני שמחה לראות אותך פה
I'm glad to see you here (the same in Hebrew..) ;)
Breads, breads.. a nice hobby, isn't it ?
Your ideas are wonderful, thank you ; last time I added feta cheese all around, just before baking, next time , maybe a pizza, like yours.
Thanks for visiting :-)

chanit said...

Dear manuela ,
Thank you ! :-)

chanit said...

Thank you rosa
yes, maybe..I couldn't wait until the Bread was cold enough , So I ate the smallest slice (we call it the 'Bread kiss') without noting.. ;)
Do we realy need Bread with hummus or baba ganoush?... ;)

MadeInFrance said...

Just a small correction
All the best

Chanita Harel said...

Isn't it another kind of Bread ?

Thank you !

MadeInFrance said...

You puzzled me. Because I did not of "Fouace". So I checked & here are the results:
Those 2 breads are basically the same ; just difference in provencial dialect & culture:
"Fouace or Fouasse" from the Rouergue/Aveyron (South West of France)
Fougasse from Provence (South of France)
For further details, pls see herebelow:

Au plaisir/Lehi'

Chanita Harel said...

Thank you for coming back with this link .I'm glad to learn more about Breads and food ,specially made in France .

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