August 24, 2007

A Cucumber pickle juice rye Bread

It's Not a mistake, really not - A Cucumber pickle juice rye Bread !
It's a simple sour rye bread, the souring comes from the cucumber pickle juice (which I made freshly this week).The recipe is taken from Dan Lepard's Cookbook : The Handmade Loaf.Here is Dan's web site [ previously recipes from this Cookbook are Here : Chelsea buns , and the Simple milk loaf ]; I've got 2 small loafs, very dark brown and not too sour.The use of toasted rye flour is very interesting , you have to spread the flour in a thin layer over a baking sheet and bake it until it's "tannish brown", then adding strong flour, salt, yeast, the cucumber pickle juice and fresh dill- ( I didn't add the dill). I didn't get the "polished oak crust" as shown in the Cookbook ,But I tried.. [you have to cook a strach paste, and then brush the loafs with it ,15 minutes before finishing the baking.Here are some pictures, How I made my rye Bread. [On left in the large photo is the Turkish Pide Bread , and the Rosemary Rolls -panini di ramerino and 2 slices of the Cucumber pickle juice rye Bread ].Feel free to enlarge every pic and thanks for reading my new kitchen experience :-)

The last pickled Cucumber
Yeast mixed with Cucumber pickle juice - into the 2 flours

The dark dough is ready ..
"give the dough a turn.."- I hope I did it in the right way

The baked loaf
slicing the Bread thinly.. לחם שיפון

Baking the Rosemary Rolls -panini di ramerino again, the recipe is Here , today I've baked them for 25 minutes. לחמניות רוזמרין וצימוקים מטוסקנה

2 new cookies for today : the darker cookie is the "Coconut and Nutella Oatmeal Cookies", thanks to elly , here is the recipe , I 've got darker cookies, but fine, we like them.[don't forget to add the 1.5 cups oats ] More recipes and wonderful post are Here. מימין-עוגיות נוטלה-שיבולת שועל וקוקוס

On left are the Spiced cookies, here is the recipe: משמאל בתמונה -עוגיות מתובלותPreheat the oven to 350F .Cream 175 gr butter+175 gr demarra sugar until light and fluffy.Sieve 225 AP flour+pinch of salt+1/2 ts baking soda+1 ts cinnamon+1/2 ts nutmeg, Add this to the creamed mixture, mix well. Add 2 TB Brandy.Using 2 teaspoons place small mounds of the mixture on a baking tray,placing them apart.Flatten each one slightly with a fork.Bake for 12+- minutes-until golden.


sarah said...

hi chanit - sarah here from thedeliciouslife and tastespotting. thanks for the submission - pickles and rye bread are two of my favorite things. can't be bad together

Vcuisine said...

Lovely bread and cookies Chanit. Viji

Ulrike said...

I just got the new bread book from Daniel Leader...

Great work Chanit!

Marta said...

Won-der-ful ;)

chanit said...

Hi sarah ,
What a good surprise ! thanks for visiting, you are welcome .
I realy love both sites :-)

chanit said...

Dear viji
thank you very much for your comments.
It was nice to have some cookies after there were nothing sweet at all. And the Bread..It was a lovely experience , now I'm thinking of the next Bread ..:-)

3:42 PM, August 29, 2007

chanit said...

Dear ulrike
I'm glad to see you here, thank you !
Daniel Leader's name is new to me,so now I'm reading about him , here:

I'm happy for you :-)

chanit said...

Thank you marta ! :-)

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