October 14, 2007

World Bread Day 2007

World Bread Day 2007
Yes ,the second World Bread Day is taking place this week,it's coming .. on October 16th 2007 .
I want to thank again to zorra from kochtopf for organizing all these wonderful events and for hosting So many Breads around the world in her site. For more details on the coming World Bread Day 2007, please read on zorra's site - Here.
The World Bread Day is a Festive-day,So I hope this British Bread, which I've made in my small kitchen is nice and Festive for this celebration, even my Bread isn't perfect as it should be :-) ; You can read more about the Harvest Festival in UK and how to make the Harvest Bread - Here +about the Harvest loaf - Here, + How to make the loaf with steps - Here+another recipe for this Bread is Here(at the end of that page)+ Here [wikipedia].

World Bread Day '07

Harvest Festival Sheaf Bread

Harvest Festival Sheaf Bread - The Recipe לחם אסיף חגיגי
Based on the Book : The World Encyclopedia of Bread and Bread Making
The D o u g h is made of:
900 gr Bread flour+1 TB salt+15 gr fresh yeast+ 5 TB lukewarm milk+400 ml cold water
For the T o p p i n g :
1 egg + 1 TB milk ; beat together
H O W:
1. Mix dough ingradients and knead the dough for 10-15 minutes.
2. Cover the dough and let rise for about 1.5-2 hours, or until doubled in bulk.
3. Knead the dough for 1 minute, cover for 10 minutes.
4.Divide the dough in -2. roll out one piece to a 14 x 10 inch (35x24 cm),fold in half, lengthways; cut out half mushroom shape , place on a large baking sheet and open out.prick all over and brush with water.(reserve 75 gr dough to the tie. Divide remaining dough in 2, mix rest of trimming with one half
5. Roll remaining dough to 11x7 inch (28x18cm) , cut 30 thin strips, place them on the mushroom base, brush them with egg glaze.
6. Divide the larger piece of reserved dough to about 80-100 small balls, shape each one into ablong rolls to make the wheat ears (use scissors to make wheat shape).
7. Preheat the oven to 425 F (220C), arrange the ears on top of the mushroom, in rows, brush with egg glaze.
8. Divide the smaller piece of reserved dough into 6, and roll each one into a long strip,make 2 plaits each with 3 strips and place across the wheat stalks, brush with egg glaze.
9. Bake for 15 minutes,now (brush again with the egg glaze, which I didn't do this, by mistake..) reduce the temperature to 350F (180C) and bake for 30-35 minutes, until goldeb and firm.Leave to cool on the baking sheet.

...cut 30 thin strips...

...about 80-100 smal balls..

* World Bread Day 2007 *יום הלחם העולמי -2007 -לחם השיבולים
World Bread Day '07 - The roundup is online! -
183 entries with more than 200 recipes ! Thanks to zorra and all Foodies which participate in this wonderful Event ,we have a new Bread Cookbook now !
World Bread Day '07 - The roundup - part 1 (A-F)
World Bread Day '07 - The roundup - part 2 (G-I)
World Bread Day '07 - The roundup - part 3 (J-S)
World Bread Day '07 - The roundup - part 4 (T-Z)
Last year's World Bread Day roundup -2006 יום הלחם העולמי
תמונות ותכנים אלו וכל יתר החומרים בבלוג זה, אינם להפצה/עריכה/העברה או פרסום ללא רשותנו


Emily said...

Wow! That's amazing! I love randomly peeking in on your blog and see things such as this!

Katerina ante portas said...

What a creation! Amazing indeed!
Congratulation dear Chanit!

Juanita La Quejica said...

A splendid bouquet of flowers, I´m impressed! Congratulations for the way not only that you did it but also for the presentation of the whole process.

zorra said...

Wow, I'm impressed! It's too beautiful to eat. ;-)

Thank you for joining WBD again!

Andrea said...

Fantastic! Maybe I will find a ocasion to copy your recipe. I am sure it impress! ;)


Marcela said...


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, mindblowing! What a wonderful job here! You are areal artist!



chanit said...

Thank you Emily ,
You are Welcome :-)

chanit said...

Katerina ante portas ,
Oh ,I realy was surprised by myself from this Bread ;-)
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me such a warm comment .

Maryline said...

חנית, הלחם יפיפה. ואני חולקת עליך...ראיתי את התמונה שאליה את מפנה בהסבר, הלחם שלך הרבה יותר יפה.

ממש זר שיבולים...יכול להיות מוצלח לשולחן שבועות (-:

תודה על ההסברים והתמונות המפרטות..הלחם הזה באמת יפיפה!

Papilles et Pupilles said...

I'd ever seen this bread on recipe books but I'd never seen somebody bake it ! It's amazing ! Bravo !

chanit said...

מרילין יקירתי
תודה רבה, רבה על המחמאות, את משמחת אותי
גם אני הופתעתי מהלחם הזה, הן מדרך ההכנה והן מהתוצאה.אני מתכוונת להגיש אותו יחד עם עוד עוגות לחגיגת ברית משפחתית וקרובה , נראה אם הלחם יהיה לתצוגה או שינסו לאכול ממנו.. בינתיים הוא נח בפריזר.תודה :-)

Petra said...

Very, very beautiful bread - and very useful instructions. Thank you!

chanit said...

Juanita La Quejica Hi and Welcome !
Thank you So much for your comment :-)

Lydia Hamre said...

The bread is a pure piece of art...How beautiful!

Susan said...

That is gorgeous and the instructional photos are terrific!

chanit said...

Dear zorra ,
Thanks again for all these wonderful things you do for the foodies , all around the world.
I realy love EVERYTHING you cook/bake, even I'm far away..
I decided to give away this Bread to my younger sister's party this weekend, she has a cute -new Baby,only 6 days old now :-)
* Thanks for your comment .

I Cook4Fun said...

Wow, beautiful. I just love your blog. I am going to try our some of your recipe. Thank you for the step by step guide on this bread. I am going to try out your orange raisin ring today.

chanit said...

Hi Andrea !
This Bread making is easy, but it takes time, I'll be glad to see yours !
Thanks for visiting and for your comment :-)

chanit said...

Dear Marcela
Thanks for your comment ;-)

chanit said...

Dear rosa
Thank you So much ! :-)

Vcuisine said...

What to say Chanit. Lovely and beautiful. How did you cut this after seeing :) you are so creative. Viji

chanit said...

Dear Anne,
Thank you So much ! :-)

Lien said...

This is such a wonderful loaf to look at!! You did a great job. Fantastic!

Nupur said...

That is just a masterpiece! Each bit of bread is sculpted with such care...incredible!

k. said...

That is really beautiful!

linda said...

One word: wow!

chanit said...

Dear Petra
Thank you for your comment ! :-)

Jutta said...

Oh, how beautiful - and the photos are so helpful - thank you so much! What a precious present for your sister and her baby-boy!

chanit said...

Lydia Hamre
Thank you So much and welcome ! :-)

chanit said...

Hi Susan ,
Thank you, I'm very glad
You are Welcome ! :-)

chanit said...

I Cook4Fun
Thanks for your comment
Your cake looks great ! :-)

chanit said...

Dear Viji
Thank you very much !
I coudn't cut this Bread by myself, somebody took 2 small balls.. after asking me if this Braed is eatable ..!

chanit said...

Thank you So much and Welcome ! :-)

chanit said...

Dear Nupur
Thank you very much ! :-)

chanit said...

Dear K.
Thank you !
I think we share the same hobby - Bread baking :-)

chanit said...

Thank you ! :-)

chanit said...

Hi Jutta
Thank you very much and Welcome ! :-)

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