March 30, 2008

Pandolce with saffron לחם זעפרן איטלקי

saffron קסם הזעפרן
Saffron"Pure spanish saffron superior"- it's written in white on my small Saffron box .So small , only 1 grm ; rare to find here ,in Israel this golden spice .You can pay 25 shekel for 1 grm [ 1$=3.51 shekel-- 1Euro =5.55 shekel ]
Made in Spain, expiry date : end 2013 עשרים וחמישה שקלים לגרם אחד של זעפרן מספרד
I've opened this box slowly... smelling the saffron, holding the red-coloured Saffron threads with my finger..I'm so glad to have this small box.I know it's the real spice, take a look here - it's the same one ! +here is the same Bread more or less-(recipe is from the same cookbook ) better shaped and very good looking -
here - thanks to Haalo !!
* another Bread recipe from the same cookbook:
Orange Apricot and Walnut Bread
* please scroll-down to find another yellow recipe.

* Absolutely Yellow part I is
here, with Swedish Holiday Saffron Buns .

Pandolce with saffron
 It's a light sweet italian bread with saffron inside , it reminds me this Dresden Stollen .
The idea is from a new Cookbook:
La Dolce Vita- "sweet things from the italian home kitchen" by Ursula Freeigno 2005

[read more about this Cookbook- here:"Sugar and spice, mangoes and riceTom Jaine tucks into a huge plateful of cookbooks Saturday November 26, 2005--The Guardian ]It's an Easter bread, yellow in color (I use less saffron stands-take a look at the pic above, if you like your bread much yellow- add more saffron), this bread is good and rich for breakfast or for tea-time .
The bread is made of :

1/4- 1 ts saffron stands, 15 gr fresh yeast (or 5 gr dry yeast like I use), 150 ml(5fl oz) hand-hot milk,450 (1lb)strong flour (bread flour),1 ts salt, 85 gr (3oz) butter, softend, 25 gr caster sugar (I use 1 TB sugar), 1 TB grated lemon zest, 175 gr raisins (it's too much ! - I use only 140 gr, and after baking I've removed the burnt raisins from the top of the bread ), 25 gr candied orange peel , cut into small cubes (I didn't add this)
and 2TB honey (for glazing the bread after baking) .

H o w :Soak the saffron first in 1TB hot water for an hour (above pics)
Mix yeasr with milk ,leave for few minutes ,until bubbly.
Now, mix the dough with your hand or this time like me: with a mixer-
Put the flour into the large bowl, add the salt; Rub in the butter to form breadcrumbs,add the sugar, lemon zest,the saffron with its liquid and the yeast- melted in the milk. (I add few water TB-as the dough needed), add the raisins and candied peel. Knead until you get a smooth dough.
Shape the dough into a circle, lay on a large baking sheet; cover let rise for 90 minutes (or until double in size)
Preheat the oven to 350F (180c), bake the loaf for 45-60 minutes (50 minutes)
Remove the bread from the tin, and while still warm, "paint" with honey (it's hot !)


giz said...

I loved the video!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think Israeli women are the most beautiful!


chanit said...

Thank you giz and welcome !

Ubergeek said...

Wow, I'm jealous. Real saffron. The bread must have been amazing.

And yes, without a doubt, Israeli women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

chanit said...

Hi Pesia
No doubts .. thanks for visiting :)

chanit said...

Dear Ubergeek

I can send you some saffron .

Talking about the Israeli women beauty ...I saw a pic of one of them:a doctor to be .. ;)

meeso said...

Wow, I can imagine how awesome that bread smells!

chanit said...

Thank you meeso ! :)

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