October 16, 2012

World Bread Day 2012 - Lime Rye Wreaths

Yes ! The Bread Party is here again !

World Bread Day 2012 - 7th edition! Bake loaf of bread on October 16 and blog about it!

The World Bread Day is taking place today : October 16th 2012.
I want to thank again zorra from kochtopf Cooking site for organizing all these wonderful events and for hosting So many Breads from around the world in her site for all these years. It's the Best Bread Cookbook ever every year again.

These Rye Wreats are easy to make, have a nice shape and color and are crispy. Adding Lime rind (a tangy note) and nigella seeds was new to me. Fun to make and eat, try them !

Lime Rye Wreaths
The recipe is based (with some changes) on the Cookbook :
Exotic Desserts From The French Caribbean/1997 KONEMANN
Makes:  6 wreaths
זרי שיפון וליים
What you need:
250 g rye flour, sifted
125 g white flour, sifted
40 g fresh yeast
225 ml water
1.5- 2 ts salt
grated rind of 1 lime
handful nigella seeds

H O W :
1. Preheat the oven to 430F (220c).
2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the rye and white flour.
3. Add the yeast and water.
4. Knead for about 10-20 minutes. (yes, it's long time for incorporate a lot of air).
5. Add the salt and continue kneadind another 5 minutes.
6. Add the grated lime rind and mix just until it is incorporated.
7. Shape the dough into a ball, cover and let rise for one hour.
8. With a sharp knife divide the dough into 6 pieces.
9. Shape every piece of dough into long thin loave , about 38cm long (2 cm thickness).
10. Use scissors to snip alternating sides as shown.
11. Shape into wreaths, pinching the ends together.
12. Place on a baking sheet (greased and floured or covered with baking paper).
13. Brush the surface with water and spinkle with nigella seeds on top.
14. Bake 25-35 minutes (in the cookbook for 40 minutes, it's too much!) .
* Warp in a cloth and the Wreaths will stay fresh for a week.
The Wreats before baking:

and after baking :

World Bread Day 2012

World Bread Day 2012 - 7th edition! Bake loaf of bread on October 16 and blog about it!

Chanita Harel© כל הזכויות שמורות על תכנים ותמונות שלנו התפרסם היום בבלוג האוכל של חניתה הראל ורן This content belongs to Chanita Harel at My Mom’s Recipes And More. All writing and photography copyright © 2005-2012 unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.http://momsrecipesandmore.blogspot.com
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zorra said...

Awesome, and you even could use them for decoration. ;-) Love them.

Thank you for baking for Word Bread Day. Hope you will join us next year again!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Love rye and I love the wreath look. Delightful!

gallica.anonimica said...

Nice ones!
But I want to ask you about rye flour. Is it whole rye flour or white rye flour?

Chanita Harel חני הראל said...

It's more like the white one, thanks for visiting here !

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