June 5, 2009

pickled small tomatoes עגבניות כבושות

My sherry tomato lady - I love you ! עגבניות שרי כבושות

The hebrew word for these small red tomatoes is Sherry tomatoes.I love these small and sweet tomatoes. A week ago I've found myself at the supermarket buying 2 small baskets full with small tomatoes,the price for 2 (they sell only 2..) was excellent,only 9 shekel .when I went home I was curious and I put the tomatoes on my kitchen weigh-scale :2.400 kg both of the baskets, what a price (1$ = 3.9310 shekel) !

The small tomatoes were selected - here are they in the bright green bowl:

Now I have to wash my tomatoes.. in another green and huge bowl .here are my small tomatoes in the soap bath..
Pickled small tomatoes ; עגבניות שרי כבושות-מתכון בעברית -; כאן
Washing them with clean water ..they are shining ..

I've cut an X in every tomato, like this one : (for letting the brine later into them )

You need:
Glass jars
stalks and leaves from a celery root
[dill and hot pepper can be added]

Fill the jars with layers of the small tomatoes,garlic,the green leaves and cut up stalks.In another bowl mix the Brine (the salt with the water).
make the salt water by adding 1 ts of salt (5-6 gr salt) to every 1 cup (200 ml) of water.
mix few cups of water with the salt until the salt is dissolved.poor the salt water into the jars until they cover the tomatoes.seal the jars as usual.
Put the filled jars in the kitchen and wait.. after 4-7 days (or 2-3 days in the summer) the tomatoes will be ready to eat.their color become darker and will have a good smell .now, you have to keep them in your refrigerator ,it's better in small size jars or glass/plastic boxes .
These pikled tomatoes can be eaten with every salty food.It's Delicious !!

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