October 27, 2005

Large poppy seed crescent +Brownies

Ive baked today again.. This Plum Cake [The Best Ever] with the plums above..New Recipe Halloween /Autumn :Witches Brooms-funny, Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies ,all about Pumpkin-Why Eat It ,A recipe for Sour Cream-Maple Bread,and Chilly Day Apple Cake ?!
Breads from Uzbekistan .- date-shaped semolina dessert cookies from TURKEY ,mamoul + (2 recipes)
Once again I baked those Brownies - we love them so !

A Danish Bread ...
Large Poppy Seed Crescent
(Birkeshorn, stort) לחם דני
A light and tender bread, suitable both for breakfast and afternoon tea..
Ingredients:300 ml milk
25 g yeast (12 g if dry)
1 egg yolk
1½ tsp salt
ca 600 g white flour
1 egg white for brushing
100 ml poppy seed
Heat the milk to lukewarm and mix in yeast, egg yolk .. Full


traveller one said...

Your blog is sooooooooo fun! I love bagels and we don't have them here so I'm going to take down your recipe and try to make them! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and now I've put a link to yours so I can come back often.
Kim (in Albania)

chanit said...

Hi Kim and Welcome !
I'm happy you're here :)
Hope you'll love the Bagels !
You're in my "Food Sites I Love" List, so I'll visit ofen ;)

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