July 31, 2006

play-dough בצק יצירה

For Kids Only ...Yaeli from Tapuz food forum for kids is a very nice lady, she has 3 cute kids, a warm family and she knows how to cook as well.. .Few months ago she wrote about a play-dough for kids, she gut the recipe from her mother-in-law which was a kindergarten teacher for 34 years or more.All you need for this dough is : flour, salt, water, oil,cream of tartar and food coloring as well. The dough is for your kids or for you..(yes I like it too! ;) ).The dough is not sticky,and very relaxing [this evening-Katyushas near Hedera erea !!! :-( ] please tell your kids: Don't eat the dough !. Ok you can make few of the same dough, I've made my first dough in a small quantity .you can make it with any color ,if you want a green one or a bleu one.. just make the same dough again.
for 650 gr dough you need:
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup salt
1 1/2 ts cream of tartar
3 TB oil
food coloring (I use a 55 gr bottle)

Mix above ingredients in a cooking pot , cook slowly for few minutes only, don't stop mixing until the dough is thick and separates from the pot (don't overcook it). Now transfer the dough to a baking paper and let it cool.. keep it in a closed plastic bag . Yealy says it keeps well for few months.

Are you ready ?? - Can we play with this dough today?..

Mix and then cook it
Food Coloring

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