April 27, 2007

Fanouropita - St. Fanourios Cake from Greece עוגת חג יוונית, נהדרת

Yes ! another greek cake fresh from my kitchen.

"Many greeks call upon st. Fanourios to help them find missing people or animals...his saint's day is celebrated on august 27...." . " The pie is made once a year, on the eve of Saint Fanourios name day, every 26th of August. The pie is brought to the church of Saint Fanourios, where the priest blesses it with a nice ceremony. After the Mass, the pies are cut and everybody is welcome to taste them." [ Saint Fanourios.org]. A simple to make, soft textured - moist cake.All fanouropita cakes doesn’t contain any dairy products or eggs ; I use less spices, so my cake here is not so dark as it should be ,but for the next time I'll add them all.you can use less sugar then 300 gr. ;I use molasses (there is no black treacle here in Israel..)and I can feel an 'after taste' of caramel here. [you can use a good greek honey instead of molasses or black treacle.] Here is another recipe for this easy cake, and here is a Fanourios Cake made with wine .. ;Fanourios cake can be made without any loss.

Fanouropita - St. Fanourios Cake from Greece /
Mediterranean Cuisine Greece -George Anastassakis recipe

500 ml (=2 cups) fresh orange juice
250 ml (=1 cup) virgin olive oil
300-350 gr superfine sugar
125 gr (=1/2 cup)molasses or black treacle
500 gr AP flour
1 ts. bicarbonate of soda
1/2 TB ground cloves
1/2 TB ground cinnamon
less then 1/4 ts nutmeg
175 gr raisins
85 gr crushed walnuts

28 cm round baking dish
H O WPrehaet the oven to 340f (170c).
Mix the orange juice+olive oil and sugar, whisk rapidly.
Add molasses and stir again.
Mix flour+b. soda, add to above mixture; keep whisking until all of the flour has been incororated.

sprinkle on the ground cloves ,cinnamon, a few scapings of nutmeg,and continue whisking.
Finally add the raisins and the walnuts to the cake batter,whisk for one more time.
Tip the mixture into the round non stick cake pan.
Bake for 40-50 minutes.

1/2 cup molasses ... מולסה

And now you can listen to Nana Mouskouri,a singer of Greek origin -It's - habanera- [on You Tube] from Carmen opéra [+Elena Obraztsova sings "Habanera" from Bizet's Carmen] ננה מושקורי שרה מתוך כרמן
Dios es makos beigli -fresh from the oven -walnut and poppy seed rolls from Hungary גלילות פרג ואגוזים הונגריות



Alex said...


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Katerina ante portas said...

Dear chanit
I m so excited with all greek recipes of yours, I want to thank you very much for advertising our cuisine.
In Fanouropita we are not using either wine or molasse.. Just orange juice and sugar. But it's an inderesting challenge!
An oldish greek song by Nana is here for you!

Greetings from Athens!

chanit said...

Dear katerina,
First I want to thank you for your exciting comment.
we are almost neighbors,Glykeria is singing in Hebrew,Yehuda poliker one of the greatest Istarli creator,musician and singer,origin is from greece.(his parents). The greek cuisine is popular here in Israel(last week was like the 'greek pita week' here, everyone baked a greek pita, with pockets..in his/her kitchen)
I'm writting from my Blog- my diary and it's my pleasure to find out greek delicatessen I can make in my kitchen.
now,the Fanouropita cake:I'll be glad to know if there is any other recipe ,more authentic is better !
Thank you so much for Nana's song ,my mom can remember her in those days..
T H A N K - Y O U :-)

Helene said...

Hi Chanit, I have made several of your semolina/cornmeal cakes and I have really enoyed them. I was looking at the Malai cornmeal cke from your mom and was wondering if using cream cheese for the cheese in the recipe was ok?

chanit said...

Dear helene
I'm sorry for my late comment,
I asked my mom and yes,you can use cream cheese for the cheese in this cake.I hope you'll like it.
Thank you for your comment and welcome ! :-)

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