August 6, 2007

צביעה על עץ

Do you think Turquoise is a fortune color ?...
My color story begins with 4 wood trays (uncolored ) I've found somewhere.As I'm studying Art now, I have many Acrylic paints(I like the Folk Art colors-US made) all around.. SO why not give these trays some colors, just for giving them away with love ?
It took me few hours , sitting in front of the kitchen table..without any recipes around..with an open window close to me..and YES, my 4 trays are finished ,I'll give them away, But one of them will stay at home forever.. do you know which one ? :-)[please let me know,here or by mail if you want to make trays like these at home (It's easy and everybody CAN !),and I'll be glad to send you my instructions by mail)

And now comes the 'don't try this at home..recipe'
I wanted to bake another Persian flat Bread,this time the Noon sangak Bread..SO I've found
this recipe, the dough was fine :adding 1/2 cup of water,letting it rise for hours, "like a full moon" ..prepering the stones [without taking a long walk before :-)],I've heated the stones in the oven ..baking the Bread for 10 minutes..; The Bread came out easyly but little bit hard..maybe the reason is I didn't "Wrap the warm bread in cloth, and eat it with your eyes closed.".. please let me know if you bake this bread and get better results. thank you :-)

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Vcuisine said...

Lovely Trays Chanit. You have done a neat job. Why not? send me the instructions. It might be useful for me in the future. No one can beat you in bread baking :)Viji

Manuela said...

Beautiful colors! My favorites are the blue and the orange one. I guess you kept the one with the ducks? :-)

meeso said...

That is a great idea, they are really beautiful...personally, I really like the yellow one with the flower :)

Roberto said...

I don't know about fortune but looks good in tropical waters.

chemcookit said...

Your website is so much fun to look at every time I do so. Your trays are wonderful!
I did try to bake one more of your breads (the ciabatta bread with olives). I don't think mine was as ciabatta-like as yours, but it was good! I'll put up a post and send you the link soon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

יופי של מגשים, חנית אהבתי במיוחד

את הלבן עם הדובדבן


chanit said...

Thank you Viji !
I love these Trays, and sure, I'll send you the instructions ASAP :-)

chanit said...

Thank you Manuela !
I like the orange-yellow too, so I have now a new Tray for my camera, close to the kitchen :-)
Adi asked me for a picture with ducks, so she got that one..

סימונה הי
תודה רבה ! את הלבן עם הדובדבן אני הולכת לשחזר שוב, הוא עדין לטעמי
קראתי על בתך ! שתעלה ותצליח גם בהמשך :-)

chanit said...

Thank you ! we like the same tray ;-)

chanit said...

Thank you Roberto ,
I'm glad to see you here :-)

chanit said...

Thank you Marta !
I'm waiting for your post :-)

alienlover said...

wow!!! this is so nice!!

chanit said...

Thank you alienlover and Welcome:-)

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