June 9, 2006

from my home

I cooked 16 Papanash and we ate them with sugar only ..I Think nothing was left..
I'm lazy today to cook or bake anything , but 'chicken in the oven' or as we call it in Hebrew "off b-ta-nur"..is a must, but later.. the weather is fine today, so we intend to take a short tour around.. later. another cup of chick-pea soaking now ..so maybe I'll

And now the second left cheese... oh yes ,there is a "7TB chesse dough" , you can make it in 7 minutes or less,lets bake it now:cheese-dough rolls: Preheat the oven to 190C . Mix 200 gr low fat dry white cheese (I'm not sure, but maybe you can replace Israeli dry white cheese with ricotta), add :7 TB milk + 7 TB oil + 7TB sugar and mix well. then add 350 gr AL flour + 10 gr baking powder,make a soft dough. Roll the dough to a 45 X 35 cm rectangle,spread with 30 gr melted butter. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup sugar+100-150 gr raisins (+ 100 gr sliced / chopped almonds - I did add them this time), roll the dough from the 35cm side, slice 1.5 cm slices, bake them in the hot oven for 20 minutes.

1/2 kg low-fat white cheese was left from Shavuot's cake baking , so I knew I have to use them these days..
First I made the Papanash mixture, papanash are Rumanian/Hungarian cheese dumplings, which you can cook in salty water or roll the balls in bread crumbs and fry them in butter.. anyway, they are very soft and light, best eaten hot with sugar and some red jam.. sometimes , mom uses 500 gr cheese , so you get lot papanash.. today I made this mixture:250 gr low-fat dry white cheese+1 egg + 1 TB semolina + 1TB flour +1 ts sugar +pinch of baking powder - mix all Ingredients (you can double them) and chill for few hours , or make this mixture a night before, as I'm doing now.. tomorrow I'll cook the small balls in salty water for 10 minutes. [Hebrew recipe]

Sorry for the Hebrew , I know most of you can't read Hebrew.. here I am again.there are some problems with Blogger for the past couple of days,, I'm sure you know that.. with uploading pictures, with word verifications and yes.. much more, but It's a free service as everyone knows, so , we have to wait ...
Ran was cooking us today stuffed Zuccini (sorry , but he cooked it without any recipe)so I went out to buy rice and garlic and fresh parsley. I have some ideas for cooking chick-peas, maybe as Nahut maybe as veg. burgers..

אז יופי של יום שישי היום,רן תכנן והכין לכולנו קישואים ממולאים, לצורך זה נשלחתי למשימה קטנה, להביא בזריזות:פטרוזיליה, שום ואורז ג'לאל. התבקשתי להביא חצי ק"ג, אבל ב 6 ש"ח שלמים.. רכשתי לנו קילו שלם של אורז.. יש עוד רעיונות מה להכין עם אורז. התכנון להכין נהוט בהמשך, אמא הסבירה לי בכללי איך מבשלים את המאכל הרומני הזה, לא רשמתי.. אז אמא אני בטח אשאל כמה מים ו.. התכנון הנוסף זה להכין קציצות חומוס וירק:זה מתכון חדש וכמו מרבית הנסיונות שאני לא משוכנעת בתוצאה הטעימה , כנראה שאכין מחצית הכמות, אני אבדוק אם רן צילם תמונות מהכנת הממולאים ואם כן.. אני מקווה אעלה אותם בחיש לפה.למה שרק אני
אהנה? .. הנה מספר קישורים , מעניינים יותר או פחות
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Ran's stuffed Zuccini


Krithika said...

Stuffed zuchhini looks good. Waiting for you to post the full recipe in English

crystal said...

Wow, I've never seen stuffed zucchini like that! What a great idea...

chanit said...

Hi krithika !
I have to ask Ran how he cooked the Zuchhini, I left him in the kitchen.. and when I came back everything was finished and clean.. ! Thank you for your comment !

chanit said...

Thank you crystal !!
I'm glad to see you here ;)

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