October 15, 2006

World Bread Day 2006 - Pita Bread פיתה

World Bread Day 2006

world bread day '06
My Pita Bread...
The world is full of Breads which I didn't bake in my small kitchen.. there are so many.. so I didn't know which Bread I'll bake for the Bread day.I love to bake French-Style Country Bread or Swedish Dill Bread or Roemary Rolls from Tuscany or Moroccan Bread Farina (baked on Stones) or.. a Danish Bread or XL Bagels (arabic) or - Koulouria - sesame rings from Greece (bake them as soon as you can) or French Bread Rolls (to Die For).. or Eliotes.. those Olive Rolls from Cyprus or Za'atar Flatbread, yes as I said we love them all,the list is long.. and I bake those again and again. I was busy with reading cookbooks , looking for some new Bread recipe, something special , and you know what ?? I've found.. maybe 10 or 20 or more recipes which look SO good.But during my day outside today, I've decided to bake the most famous Israeli Bread (yes I know not in Isarel only), PITA BREAD .You can't find even 1 Israeli which has no Pita's in his freezer.. you can eat Pita Bread with salty or sweet food.. you can find Pita Bread everywhere, and It's very easy to bake them.Once I've tried Elie Nassar's (Foodman) Pita Bread recipe ,I think It's a great recipe (And all the other in his Introduction To Lebanese Cuisine should be wonderful too) .2 years ago , It was October 2004.. I've baked his Pita's and wrote about it in Ort Food forum, It was funny to get those Pita pockets.Somebody from that Forum wrote Elie in egullet Forum about me..baking his 5 Pita's with the pockets..It was a success, and today I've baked Pita's again. Here is the recipe, try them , and please let me know about the pockets..
Pita Bread (Khobz Arabi
Makes 5 6-inch Pita loaves
3 Cups Bread flour or All Purpose flour
• ½ tsp Instant yeast (or 1 tsp Active Dry yeast combined with a Tbsp sugar and ¼ cup warm water till foamy)
• ½ tsp salt
• 1 Cup warm water (reduce the water by ¼ Cup if using Active Dry yeast)
Mix the flour and salt in a bowl, then add the yeast (or yeast/water mixture) and add the water slowly while stirring with a plastic or wooden spoon until everything is combined into a ball.
You might need more or less water than the 1 cup. Once the dough comes together, transfer it to a floured surface and knead for a good ten minutes until it is soft and elastic. Roll the dough into a log and cut it into five equal parts (cut into fewer pieces if you want bigger loaves). Form each piece into a ball and put them all on a floured baking sheet.
Cover with a damp towel and let them rise in a warm place for about an hour or until almost double in size.Full step by step recipe is here
* More Pita Bread recipes from Israel,later.בצילום למעלה הפיתות שהכנתי במיוחד ליום הלחם
* I would like to thank Yaffa and Sush Medina from Israel-which gave me thier permission to load 2 wonderful Breads, here they are *תודה ליפה ושוש מדינה שנתנו לי את רשותן להעלות פה אחד מהלחמים הטעימים שלהן
1. Yaffa's Bread /Tapuz/Ynet Food Forum -Israel - Her family Yom Kippur's Bread(eaten before the fasting)

מצ"ב תמונה של חלות בצורת סולם"
אנו נוהגים לאפות חלות אלו לארוחה שלפני צום יום הכיפורים, כדי לבקש שיעלו תפילותינו לשמיים
מתכון הבצק של הלורד : 1/2 קילו קמח +1 כף שמרים יבשים + 3 כפות סוכר + 1/2 כף מלח + 3 כפות שמן קנולה +אחד וחצי כפות גדושות "אבקת חלב פרווה + 1/2 1 כוסות מים חמימים - בקיץ מעט פחות
כך כותבת לי יפה, מילה במילה,אז יש לנו לחם ראשון של יפה מתפוז שצילמה והכינה לחם חגיגי ,בצורה מקורית מעניינת ומסורתית
2.Sush Medina's Breads / Tapuz Food Forum for kids-Israel - Country Bread

לחם שאור כפרי מעולה
מקור המתכון והצילומים - 1מדינת ישראל - שוש מדינה
הלחם מורכב מ- 4 קמחים - קמח מלא, קמח כפרי מס` 3, קמח שיפון, קמח לבן
מומלץ מאוד
3/4 כף שמרים
4 כוסות קמח לבן
1 כוס קמח כפרי
1 כוס קמח שיפון
1/2 1 כוס קמח מלא
2 כפות מחוקות סוכר (ניתן להשתמש רק ב-1/2 1 כפות וגם יוצא טעים, מנסיון
2 כוסות מים פושרים
3 כפות שמן ניתן להשתמש רק ב-2 כפות וגם יוצא טעים, מנסיון
המתכון המלא של שוש מדינה-מדינת ישראל1 נמצא בפורום בישול לילדים - כאן
יום הלחם העולמי 2006
כתבה חדשה פורסמה ביום הלחם :על הלחם לבדו - מדריך מפורט לאפייה ביתית
אשמח להעלות לחמים נוספים שלכם,תודה


Anonymous said...

בסדר, עכשיו הבנתי על מה את מדברת! אז לא צריכה לענות.

הלחם בצורת סולם יפה מאוד. צריך לזכור לנסות את זה ליום כיפור הבא

nice blog entry!

Papilles et Pupilles said...

Your pita bread is wonderful !

breadchick said...

Chanit, thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I have never tried making pita bread but been looking for a really good recipe to try as my first attempt. I am making lamb later this week so will make your pita bread to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Your pita bread looks awesome! What is that spice or spice mix on yogurt?

Hélène said...

Your pita bread looks gorgous!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love your post and those pita breads look awesome! Great!

eliza said...

hi chanit! thank you for visiting my blog! those pita bread are fantastic. me, baking apple challah, don't compare to anything you did with your breads!

raya said...

איזה יופי של תמונות, מתכונים וקישור!


chanit said...

Thanks for your comment,
please send me some of your last cookies , they look SO good ! ;)

anna - thanks for your comment !
Your Blog is wonderful, I'm glad I can read everything in English ;)

chanit said...

Dear breadchick,
Thank you and you're Welcome !
I hope you'll love those Pita Breads (you can get only 5 from this recipe..so If you need more just double the recipe..)with a nice salad and the rest It will be a perfect meal . ;)

karine said...

hi Chanit, love all your breads, especially Yaffa's! ragards, Karine

chanit said...

Dear burcu,
Thanks for your comment !
That green spice mix is called:
Zaatar,It's a Middle Eastern Spice Mix .It's made of ground spices like :sesame seeds,thyme,oregano, marjoram and salt.I buy it here in Israel, and I can send you one.
The cheese besides is Labane, which is a white and 'sour' cheese (we love this one very much) ;)

julie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Your pita looks fantastic!

Lolo d'Abracadabra said...

J'adore ton pain pita! Avec de l'houmous (purée de pois chiches libanaise), des tomates et de l'huile d'olive, c'est un régal! Bravo!

chanit said...

Hélène thank you ! :-)

raya , thank you ,
שמחה לראותך כאן, תודה לך

ejm said...

Your pita bread looks perfect.

I'm also really intrigued by Yaffa's and Sush Medina's bread (especially the one that looks like Jacob's ladder!)


Gracianne said...

Your pita breads look really tasty Chanit, I'll know where to come for a recipe when I need to bake some. Thanks for coming from so far away to visit my blog, the internet is fantastic.

chanit said...

Dear rosa, I want to thank you -I'm always glad to read your comments ! :-)

eliza ,
I can find Wonderful things by your Blog - thank you ! ;)

chanit said...

Thanks for visiting me here,you're Welcome !
Your Blog is very colorful and nice ;)

chanit said...

Julie ,
Thank you, I hope you're enjoying your trip to Sicile ! ;)

chanit said...

Dear Laurence
In Israel when someone says 'Abracadabra' , you know he's going to do some magic thing :-) I love your Blog and your Blog name of course ;)

chanit said...

Dear Elizabeth
Thank you for your comment,
I know you adore good food,I can feel the warmth in your Blog ! ;-)

chanit said...

Dear Gracianne , thanks for your comment ! :-)

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